China Desk and Golden Visa

In the Department of China Desk de DiG Lawyers We offer a comprehensive service for Chinese companies and Chinese businesses that want to establish themselves in Spain, from the establishment of a subsidiary to the merger and acquisition of Spanish companies.

china deskComprehensive services for companies

Our China Desk It is composed of Chinese lawyers and Spaniards specialized in all legal fields.

We advise Chinese companies from the incorporation of their companies to the acquisition and investment in Spanish companies, making an assessment of the companies, businesses and investment analysis.

Our China Desk also provides advice on tax procedure and criminal law for both legal persons and individuals.

Tax Area

What it refers to Tax Law area We have a team of experts in proceedings before the Tax Agency, Contentious-Administrative Courts and courts. We also make claims before Regional Administrative Economic Courts, Central Administrative Economic Courts and before all administrative bodies.

Criminal Area

As to Criminal Law area, we carry cases of all types of crimes especially against physical integrity (injury, medical negligence), crimes against privacy (revelation secrets, raids) crimes against honor (slander / insults), crimes against the socioeconomic order (insolvencies punishable / lifting of property), crimes against industrial and intellectual property (trademark falsifications), crimes against public finance (tax and security crimes social), crimes of documentary falsehoods and crimes against traffic safety (alcoholics, reckless driving).


golden visaAlso for all investors of Chinese origin who wish to invest in Spain and thus obtain nationality through the Golden Visa system.

Golden Visa and advice for foreign investors

The Golden Visa is the best way to obtain Spanish residence for all foreign investors.
  • For each investment, the residence visa is granted to the investor, couple and children.
  • Initially limited to one year, extendable to five years if the investor visits Spain once a year.
  • Possibility of obtaining Spanish nationality.
  • Free movement within the Schengen area.
  • Freedom of commercial activity and capital movements within the European Union.
Minimum requirements
  • Real Estate € 0 M per person.
  • Public bonds of the State 2 M €
  • Purchase of shares of private companies 1 M €

Why in Spain?

  • Fifth country in the European Union by population: 46 million citizens.
  • First level health care facilities and standard of living.
  • Excellent location for luxury and high-end tourism.
  • Temperate climate, 300 days of full sun a year.
  • 3rd country in the world by UNESCO world heritage sites.
  • Diverse and multicultural society, intangible cultural heritage of world fame.

Responsible for China Desk

Mr. Han Bao Liu


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