From DiG Advice specialized in companies, we take care of the complete management of the administration, accounting and tax presentation services, including:

Administrative processes

  • Preparation of accounts.
  • Billing.
  • Preparation of balance sheets and results.
  • Preparation and presentation of financial statements.
  • Preparation and presentation of official books.


Process management.

Full Financial Address

  • Economic development and monitoring of budgets and treasury.
  • Analysis of the cost structure.
  • Balance sheet analysis.
  • financial management.

Human Resources.


  • Preparation of tax returns (monthly, quarterly and annual). VAT, Intrastat, income tax, IRNR, IS.
  • Presentation of the following official documents: 111 Models, 115 Model, 123 Model, Model 202, Model 210, Model 216, Model 232, Model 303, Model 340, 347 model, Model 349, Model 180, Model 190, Model 193, Model 200, Model 289, Model 296, Model 347, Model 390, Model 720.
  • IAE census management (, modifications, low).
  • Preparation and presentation of the Transfer Tax and Stamp Duty.
  • VAT refund management by modifying carryforwards (bankruptcy or bad credit)

Reports for investors.

Support to the Financial Management.