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We present our business advisory service, where we can be your entire Administrative department (accounting, taxes and payroll) and make you reduce costs significantly.

From DiG Outsourcing we offer you different services business consultancy intended for those companies Limited Companies, Limited Companies, SMEs and Autonomous, who want to grow and delegate all the bureaucratic part that takes up so much time in the day to day. Our team is made up of a team of professionals with extensive experience who can advise and help you make the best decisions for your business.

We can take care of managing your accounting, calculation and presentation of taxes, Management of payroll and any other task necessary for your business so that you only take charge of doing what you know best: get clients and sell your products / services.

OUTSOURCINGIn addition to business consultancy, we accompany you in all the processes of how to start your businessIdeal for startups so you don't make mistakes that others have already made, remember that we have more than 50 years of experience.

We can also help you with the management of workers, high, low, contracts, payrolls that in most companies are the source of numerous conflicts, delegate these issues to us and avoid many problems.

We will be by your side in all the phases and situations of your business, whatever they may be, from the first to the last, going from the constitution of the company to the sale or liquidation of the same, going through any of the intermediate stages throughout the course of business development and growth.

If you trust us, you should not take care of everything related to administrative tasks of any kind, since we will take care of everything you need. Thus, we will manage any “paperwork” or procedure necessary for the development of your activity regardless of the organism to which you should go, and you can completely disregard that aspect, knowing that you are in the hands of experts in carrying out this type of paperwork.

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