Do you know how to choose a good lawyer?

In order to determine what type of lawyer you need, the first thing you have to determine exactly is to which branch of Legal right your query belongs and you will know how to choose a lawyer:

The most common are Commercial Law (contracts, partner agreements, company constitutions ...), Tax Law (Taxes, Notices of the Treasury ...), Labor Law (Layoffs, ERE, changes in the labor category, hours ...), Real Estate Law ( Rental contract, problems with a tenant, Criminal Law (judgments, offenses, crimes ...)

If it is not clear you can contact us through this link or call us directly on the phone: 93-318.44.00 and we will assign your query to the lawyer with the most experience in your case and who can give you an answer as soon as possible.

Values ​​of a good lawyer:

Once you have decided what kind of problem you want to consult us, you can assess other aspects of the lawyer you need, to ensure a satisfactory solution to your problem.

Because there are many lawyers and everyone interprets the laws according to their knowledge, experience and environment, but do you know that other added values ​​can bring you?

Experience, confidence and closeness are the three pillars on which we always base legal advice in our Firm:

  1. EXPERIENCE All our consultants and lawyers have minimal experience 10 years in the labor market, which is an addition to the matters and legislation learned since being in permanent contact with the situations you can raise plus, provide it with a vision and experience to anticipate problems in each particular case.
  2. TRUST: Against the topic, our advisors offer maximum confidence to the client so that they feel free to tell what they think appropriate and thus be able to give the lawyer all the arguments necessary to defend their interests.
  3. CLOSENESS: Sometimes the distances are not a problem, nowadays most legal procedures are done online and our teams move across the peninsula to deal with customers, we also use video conferencing to discuss particular cases. With proximity we refer to our lawyers treat the customer without distances, take the problem as their own and do not cease in its efforts to have it fully resolved.

For all these reasons, we can affirm that choosing the professionals of DiG Abogados is an excellent option.

Let us help you.