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Criminal Lawyer Barcelona encompasses Civil Law, Criminal Law, Contentious-Administrative Law and Procedural Law.

The Department of Law of the Person of DiG Lawyers has featured Criminal Lawyer Barcelona specialist in providing a comprehensive and adequate response to the various needs that may be required in all those issues that directly affect any person in any of its different aspects.

The Department is divided, mainly, into three specialized areas of practice: (i) Civil, (ii) Criminal and (iii) Administrative and Litigation - Administrative; a team of professionals with consolidated experience, capacity and knowledge in the legislation and practice concerning their corresponding area is dedicated to each of them.

criminal lawyer barcelonaCriminal lawyer barcelona Civil Law specialist

The Area of Civil law, Its reason for being is the prevention or resolution of conflicts of all kinds in which anyone can be involved. We are referring both from the family point of view, as in those more personal and private issues or, of course, in all those aspects that may have economic significance.

From the Area of Civil law and, among other aspects, we provide services with the following characteristics:

In relation to matters of a family nature, actions of a preventive nature (such as the formalization of matrimonial agreements or covenants prior to coexistence) as of a resolutive nature after the existence of couple conflicts (separation, divorce); and whether they are carried out by mutual agreement or without it (proposing the Regulatory Agreements that are more appropriate to the personalized case in question); both those that occur in the marital domain, and in cases of de facto unions; and, logically, whether they affect minors or not. Or in the event that, in a supervening manner, the points established in the Regulatory Agreements or Parentality Plans that have been formalized to regulate the rules that should govern in the event of separation or divorce should be modified.

Throughout the life of a person can occur situations that require certain actions that are intended to ensure their most essential interests or those of their loved ones (such as the establishment of guardianships for people who may need special protection, for reasons of age, illness, etc.) or, even, try to avoid damages that could be generated for the same (incapacitation procedures, always under judicial supervision).

And this same preventive action occurs in the cases of hereditary planning or advice in the formalization of wills or dispositions that pick up the will of the person for the moment in which it is no longer. When this action is not preventive but occurs as a result of the death of the person, we take care of all actions related to the processing of the inheritance (whether or not there is a testament). Or when situations arise from a shared ownership of a property and from which it is intended to be divided into individual properties or, simply, to avoid shared properties on the same property or property.

We can also find aspects that have an economic significance (claims to be made against third parties or that are made) or that may arise from conflicts that may arise. For example, all issues relating to Communities of Owners or conflicts between neighbors; actions in which he is immersed due to a bad professional performance that he considers he has suffered and when he receives this type of claims for malpractice or presumed professional negligence. Or as in cases, unfortunately as usual, as those derived from traffic accidents.

Or all those issues arising from the use of real estate, either in property regime [its acquisition or sale controlling all the essential questions or the preparatory documents for it (deposit, purchase options, put options)] or on a rental basis, formalizing the essential documents for it.

And in all those issues that can not be resolved in a friendly way, you will always have our advice and cooperation if you have to go to court to defend your interests.

Criminal lawyer Barcelona specialist in Criminal Law

The Criminal Law Area (as its own name indicates) deals with all those issues that may have a punishable component, whether they refer to preventive issues (advising on aspects that could become persecutable if they were made, for what is intended carry out an advisory that ensures adequate compliance with the regulations) as from the operative point, once the event has occurred; and either from the victim's point of view, or from the point of view of the alleged perpetrator.

And covering all kinds of situations, such as crimes that occur in the family, in the social sphere (conflicts that result in attacks, injuries, threats), which may affect the interests of the Administration or the general interest (tax frauds or to Social Security, drug trafficking or illegal substances); or more personal crimes (such as crimes against privacy, insults ...) or that, finally, may have an economic component (scams, theft, raising of assets ...).

Criminal lawyer Barcelona specialist in Administrative / Contentious-Administrative Law

The Administrative Law Area deals with all matters arising from the relationship that is maintained with the Administration, either from the request of any type of license or permit, or the processing when administrative files that may affect you personally (such as those related to administrative sanctions of all kinds or compliance with the regulations of application in each municipality) or when it is understood that the application of administrative regulations violates their rights as citizens.

When the administrative procedure does not conclude with a resolution satisfactory to both parties, it must go to the courts of justice that will be the ones that will resolve the open conflict with the Administration. And that is when the judicial way is opened (the contentious-administrative way), for which adequate advice will be provided for the defense of their interests

As a summary, our goal, in short, is to provide any person with global advice on all issues that may affect or in which it is affected, adapting to the specific needs in each case. And, being important the action in the matter of resolution of existing conflicts, we must always try to adopt the appropriate preventive actions to avoid situations that could come to originate later if the appropriate measures have not been adopted. In any case, the Law Department of the Person of DiG Abogados is unconditionally disposed to provide you with the advice you deserve in those aspects that may be of interest to you.

Department Manager:

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