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Brief History

From 1969 to 1974 | Workforce

The two founding partners of the law firm are Mr. Juan Luis Domínguez, who corresponds to the acronym D and Mr. José Luis Gros to whom corresponds the acronym G, in the year 1969 began to collaborate in different matters of Tax Law in the Firm of the first one, which was located in Vía Laietana number 21 of Barcelona.

From 1974 to 1990 | Domínguez and Gros Abogados

Fruit of this collaboration in 1974 decided to join and form an office under the same philosophy of vocation to the client and moving to the street Pau Claris number 155 of Barcelona, ​​more central area, of tradition of Lawyers and Advisors.

Since its inception the office, as was customary at the time, took the names of the two founding partners for its nomenclature, Domínguez and Gros Abogados they were above all specialized in Tax and Tax Law, with prominent members and vice president Mr. Dominguez, of the Spanish Association of tax advisors (AEDAF).

With the introduction in Spain of the 2 of 1985 of the Value Added Tax (VAT) in August, Mr. Jose Luis Gros was the Spanish representative in the European Tax Committee.

Ambós also participated in the drafting of the fiscal measures package, in a significant extension of the tax regulations of the Andorran Constitution, approved and ratified by the 2 of February of 1993.

From 1990 to 2007 | Domínguez & Gros and Associated Lawyers

Given the volume of tax cases that came to the office, in 1990 decided to find a new partner for this area and so Mr. José Luis Gros could take care of new business matters that came to the office, while a new partner and current director was incorporated , Mr. Jordi Esparza.

This is the beginning of a new path in the firm, from which it is intended to serve companies not only in tax-fiscal matters as in its beginnings, but in all the legal aspects that they require.

Gradually, new partners joined the firm to be able to reinforce and cover new areas of law:

  • Mr. Romà Bosch at the forefront of international clients.
  • Mr. Xavier Vales, Mr. Francisco José Vinaches and Mr. Albert Pujol at the forefront of tax and tax law.
  • Mr. Marcos Jiménez de Parga at the head of the commercial, civil and criminal law area.
  • Mr. Miquel Fornieles at the head of the labor law area.

This is how our current corporate reality is configured.

As part of the growth in the year 1997 decided to move to the current offices, located in the Calle Diputación, 260 number of Barcelona (Casa Vinyals), very close to Paseo de Gracia, thus facilitating communications and transport of both its professionals , as of your customers.

They also began to take international affairs, combining teaching tasks in postgraduate courses in tax material of the Bar Association of Barcelona (ICAB).

From the year 2007 | DiG Lawyers

Coinciding with the retirement of the two founding partners, in the year 2007 the office was renamed D & G Advocats. But to avoid any conflict with trademarks, it was modified by the current name: DiG Lawyers.

During the last few years, new professionals have been incorporated to reach a current team of about 40 people, mainly Lawyers and Economists.

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