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The lawyer is the person who advises and defends the interests of a party in all kinds of processes. Within the legal scope, depending on their studies, knowledge and experience, they usually specialize in different areas of law.

Like doctors, it is important to choose the lawyer who is a true specialist in your field, not only because you have been trained in current legislation and how to interpret the laws, but also have treated professionally and acquired sufficient experience to evaluate the real expectations of each case. Using all the legal tools at your fingertips and not over valuing your possibilities, depositing false hopes in your client.

Your position should always be neutral to the valuation of each case, only then can truly assess the chances of success.

The best known, probably by the Film and Television, lawyers are criminal lawyers, who are responsible for Criminal law, that is, common crimes.

However, there are a variety of specialties within the Public Law that should be considered, the specialties that we currently have in our office, through our partners and professionals are:

Lawyers Specialties:

  • The Tax-Tax Attorney, is the specialist in tax management, the current tax regulations, which is constantly changing. Due to their complexity, they usually advise companies, corporations, families with large estates or international workers. And usually have permanent contact with the Tax Agency (Treasury)
  • The Commercial Lawyer is the one who writes contracts, reviews clauses, generates partner agreements, advises in company meetings, is usually related to the world of the company, but it is also a safe value for entrepreneurs and local business creation, as they can be stores or franchises. And they usually have permanent contact with the Mercantile Registers of each province.
  • The Labor Lawyer, is the specialist in labor processes either to defend the point of view of the worker or the interests of the company. They usually have permanent contact with Social Security.
  • The Criminal, Civil, and Procedural Lawyer are responsible for crimes, family proceedings, claims for damages, claims for compensation, insurance, inheritance, fines, evictions. They usually have permanent contact with the Courts of first instance, consulates, Courts and National Court.
  • The Real Estate Lawyer is responsible above all for the sale of land and foreign investments in Spain, litigation in communities of owners, construction companies. They usually have permanent contact with the records of the Property.
  • The Lawyer Protection of data, is responsible for compliance with the LOPD by companies, establishing files and processes, according to the recent European regulations.

After these specialties more frequent and motivated by the strong emergence of new technologies, new lawyers have been created specialists in new subjects within the law and that little by little they are incorporated into our buffet, such as:

Other specialties of Lawyers:

  • Computer attorney.
  • Intellectual Property Lawyer, Telecommunications.
  • New technologies attorney.
  • Lawyer Honor, Privacy and Image in the network.
  • The lawyer specialized in online-offline Marketing Contracts, with media agencies, affiliation, advertising ...
  • Lawyer specializing in R & D
  • Lawyer registration of trademarks and patents.
  • Lawyer specializing in Internet law ....
  • Lawyer specializing in investment rounds, financing rounds, 'business angels' ...
  • Lawyer specialist in Entrepreneurs, accelerators, incubators ...

As in all professions there are lawyers who, because of their experience and experience, know a little about all the specialties of Public Law, they are called 'generalists' and they usually occur in law firms or offices of one or a few members, very conditioned to capture issues.

Many clients come to us after consulting them and note that despite the goodwill of the lawyers generalists, their knowledge and experience in that particular area of ​​action, are not specialized enough to ensure the success of your case.

We currently have more than 30 professionals between Barcelona, ​​Madrid and Lleida and that allows us to assign the best professional really specialized to each case and each client.

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