farm inspections

Inspections of Finance and procedures

The adequate protection of the rights of our clients before the tax authorities has led to the creation of Inspections Department of Finance and procedures, in parallel to our unit of Tax law.

Faced with increasing complexity, conflict and economic significance of the activities of inspection bodies, management and collection, has provided the department all necessary means to carry out its functions with maximum guarantees of success for our customers.

farm inspectionsObjectives:

  • El Inspections Department of Finance and procedures It functions as a specific and independent operational unit due to its high degree of specialization.
  • His performances require joint and coordinated intervention of highly specialized and qualified in different areas of tax and financial law professionals.
  • El Inspections Department of Finance and procedures It is composed of a multidisciplinary team of professionals (lawyers and economists) all with extensive experience in this type of action.

Common actions:

  • Procedures for tax management and inspection: Actions in tax management procedures (data verification, limited verification and attention to requirements) and Inspection procedures, before all administrations (state, autonomous and local treasury).
  • Procedures for tax collection (precautionary measures: seizure of credits, liability derivation Administrators, ...): Intervention in the adoption of precautionary measures aimed at guaranteeing the collection of the debt by the tax administration, such as liability and attachment derivation of credits, rights and goods. Carrying out procedures before the collecting bodies for the lifting of the foreclosures, the granting of postponement / division or suspension of the debt.
  • Review Procedures: economic-administrative claims, contentious-administrative appeal: Interposition of the claims and appeals against the acts that come from the management or inspection units of the different haciendas. Intervention in administrative litigation against agreements subject to appeal
  • Legal defense in proceedings for offenses against public finances (tax fraud): Assistance and legal defense during pre-trial stage, intermediate stage and trial phase. Interposition of corresponding resources during the pendency of criminal proceedings, as well as parts of liability. Assistance and legal defense in any agreements in accordance with the State Prosecution and Advocacy. Interposition of appeals before the Supreme Court on tax crime.

Head of the Department of Tax Inspections

Mr. Albert Pujol


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