Labor management for companies:

Labor Technical Management

We offer our own payroll management services and high and low Social Security.

We register companies and process the registration and removal of self-employed workers, as well as employees. we work in the management of debts (deferrals) and Social Insurance (RNT and RLC);

We deal with contract management, its preparation and processing; as well as the management of payroll of the workforce, with the relevant tasks of application of the collective agreement, regularization, application of bonuses of Social Security or SEPE and the processing of Social Security. We offer this service working from the cloud, incorporating the documents into an employee portal that allows them to consult and download their salary receipts and their work contracts.

We also intervene in the dismissal tasks, assuming their preparation in common agreement with the client and communication in each specific case.

Payroll and social insurance

Work contracts appropriate to specific needs

Development of rules of internal conduct

Labor inspections

Layoffs, conciliations and labor lawsuits

Salary Structuring

People Management / HR 3.0

Job Evaluation

Flexible compensation

Remuneration for competences

Corporate culture

Attraction and retention of talent

Host plans