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Is it absolutely necessary to make a will?

After the death of a person, the distribution of his inheritance and his patrimony must proceed. This procedure is usually the main source of problems in a large majority of families, even in the best avenues, so the intervention of Inheritance attorneys.

According to our experience as Specialist Lawyers in succession, the existence of a written will that contemplates the will of the testator, facilitates that distribution, but when it has not been done due to lack of time or desire (nobody likes to think about it) it is when we realize that not making a will can be expensive, not only from an economic point of view but also sentimental.

So how should we distribute an inheritance?

To find out as we must distribute an inheritance, Our advice is to put yourself in the hands of lawyers, who will be a neutral party to possible family conflicts. If the deceased person left a written will, they can take care of all the steps and procedures, including proposing and distributing it among the beneficiaries.

If, on the other hand, there is no written will, the inheritance lawyers will inform you about the legislation in force at that time in your territory (whether it be Spain, Catalonia, the Balearic Islands, Barcelona etc ...) and advise you on your possibilities of claim in case of not agree to the legally established distribution. Above all, it will ensure that the distribution before a notary is done as established in the law, protecting all parties equally.


Next, we detail some special cases where inheritance Lawyers become even more important:

Non-residents in Spain who inherit

It is very common for people Not residents in Spain inherit some property located in the Iberian Peninsula. The most usual case would be that of a descendant of an older person who, years before his death, would have bought an apartment or house on the Spanish coast to use it as a second residence or as an investment. In certain cases, immediately after the death of the owner, the heirs are "out of place" because they do not know how to proceed, Here you will find 10 tips.

Protected heritage

One of the main concerns of the families of people with disabilities is focused on meeting their vital needs to ensure their well-being in each present and future moment. In most cases, these services involve economic disbursements and investments by said family members. Therefore, the protected property law It brings security and certain benefits to the person with disabilities and their relatives or guardians.

The tax benefits of protected assets they are intended to promote the constitution of protected assets, both for the beneficiaries and for the contributors.

Lying inheritance

The lying inheritance This is the situation in the period of interval that occurs between the death of a person and the formal acceptance of the inheritance by whom or who have been designated as legitimate heirs.

In small inheritance, this situation is usually of little importance, but in inheritance of significant amount or with some complexity and whose hereditary processing is expected to be long-lasting, it may have significance.

And finally, do you know what law you want to apply to your will?

You know that citizens of the European Union can choose whether the law applicable to their will, Is that of his nationality or of last residence. In this article we explain it.