Hello everyone, it is my pleasure to present the new YouTube channel Lawyers DIG, with which we intend to offer information through this medium:

In this new Youtube channel of Lawyers in Barcelona We will present videos about legal issues, so that with a simple viewing you can make a clear idea of ​​its meaning and how it can affect you.

Always choose issues because of their importance, timeliness or overall impact, you may find interesting.

We use a plain and transparent language, for ease of understanding, so that you yourselves can get an clearer idea.

Along with this Video you will find the first four issues we have chosen are:

  • Three videos on banking issues such as soil Clause, IRPH and mortgage costs.
  • To do in case of IRS audit.
  • Issue of layoffs from all angles
  • Inheritance tax in Spain (border inheritance).

Although many of you already receive our newsletter regularly (Subscribe now), Now with the nearest and immediate initiative, we trasladaros our expertise in all legal issues that seem interesting, providing primarily quality content.

DiG Abogados in Barcelona and Madrid is a firm founded in the 1969 year, with 50 years of experience, composed by 40 professionals among Lawyers and Economists, specialized in:

  • Tax law (ie, Taxes, inspections),
  • Labor law (ie, dismissals, compensation),
  • Criminal law (that is, crimes, faults, accidents)
  • Business law (that is, incorporation of companies, insolvency and contractual).

We can cater for all your inquiries Catalan and Castilian also in the following languages: English, French, German, Italian and Chinese.

We hope that this new tool is useful for you and of course, we are at your entire disposal to expand the information that may interest you.

You can call or write, all information find them on our website.

Thank you very much for your attention, you are welcome!

new youtube channel

Francisco José Vinaches


DiG Lawyers