What should you know about a lawyer?

Below we detail the most frequent questions that are usually asked before the first visit and that have to know of a lawyer:

What documentation should lead to the first meeting with the lawyer?

Anything that is related to the case that you should raise or that you consider of interest to better explain your situation, in situations of taxes or notifications from the Tax Agency, all the documents that you have received from the State, as well as your last declaration of rent.

If you have any questions, call the lawyer prior to your meeting and indicate what documents you would like to review together. In this case, the maxim that 'it is always better than the lack of documentation' is applied, do not hesitate to bring everything you have about your case.

find a lawyerWhat are your fees?

Lawyers can not charge freely, since they must comply with the scales and rates established by the bar association in whose area the lawyer acts. Normally they will request a provision of funds (a down payment) to start the process demanded and the final result, whenever it is favorable, is usually agreed upon in a percentage.

What is your specialty and professional experience?

All our profiles partners y professional They are professional public network Linkedin, there you can consult your academic studies, your professional experience as well as your recognitions and publications.

Should I worry about the things I have told a lawyer if he does not finally take my case?

Not at all, El Article 437.2 of the Organic Law of the Judiciary states that:

«The lawyers must keep secret of all the facts or news that they know by reason of any of the modalities of their professional performance, not being able to declare on them.»

Therefore, they CANNOT make public the facts and statements about those who have knowledge in the exercise of their profession, in addition to being unable to be forced by any authority to testify about them.