Following the usual way to proceed much of the banking sector and the way they treat customers, the vast majority of banks will not give even one step so that the customer is informed of the return of floor clauses.

While Royal Decree 1 / 2017 from 20 January requires agencies to publish on their websites and advertising through its network of offices possibilities claim that the client, not one has to date of such information and some say they will be exhausted deadlines for the customer services that are required by Royal Decree (have one month from the publication of Royal Decree).

From the conclusions drawn from the approval of Royal Decree-Law 1 / 2017 of 20 of January of consumer protection measures in the field of land clauses, the most important is that IT IS THE CUSTOMER WHO MUST START THE CLAIM PROCEDURE.

Upon receipt of the claim by the customer, banks will have to calculate the amounts to return and refer customer communication with the breakdown of amounts and will be the customer who must state whether you agree or disagree with the calculation. Should agree entity and customer shall agree on the return and complete the procedure. Seen this way seems simple but it is not gold that glitters.

Royal Decree states that institutions must create specific departments responsible for the management of ground clauses but in no case provides advice to the client but, once again, the consumer is again the most unprotected against banking (it seems that after the Swaps, ground clauses, personal income tax and other preferential unfair terms we have not learned anything).

Previous experiences they doubt that the Bank be returned in full without further customers the amounts due to them, including interests that are legally entitled.

Faced with this situation that allows banking advice back to the customer without independent intermediaries, consumers need to be informed and advise, To know your rights and the options you have but in any case he knows to be the one to initiate the procedure.

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