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Commercial Lawyer Barcelona specialist in Commercial and Corporate Law:

Given our long and consolidated career as business lawyers, DiG Lawyers It has a solid team of experts commercial lawyer barcelona specialized in Commercial Law that provide, to companies and entities of all nationalities, global advice on the commercial and corporate aspects required by our clients, whether in the contractual field, corporate restructuring, bankruptcy or litigation, among others.

The professional competence of our lawyers and our close contact with the client, allows us to provide a service with added value based on the precision and understanding of the needs of our clients in all areas of business practice and business sectors.

commercial lawyer barcelonaCommercial Lawyer Barcelona specialist in Corporate Law

In the corporate sphere, our professionals advise and accompany companies and other legal entities, throughout all phases of their social life, from its foundation to its extinction, providing them with personalized legal advice in the usual sphere of action of the company as in less common and complex operations.

Our habitual procedure is based on maintaining a close and close relationship with the managers and administrators of the Companies, which allows us to provide advice tailored to the real and immediate needs of the day to day of companies, administrators and partners.

From the area of ​​corporate law we offer services ranging from the planning and design of company constitutions in coordination with the other departments of the Office (Tax, Labor, ...), advice and processing of statutory amendments, professional secretarial services, advice to the the company's management body, resolution of corporate conflicts, partners 'agreements and family protocols, legal audits, refinancing agreements with Banking Entities, possible situations of directors' responsibility or dissolution and liquidation of companies, among others.

As an added value, the result of our long professional career, our knowledge, experience and correct application of national and international regulations, allows us to provide comprehensive advice to our clients in both national and international corporate operations.

Commercial Lawyer Barcelona specialist in cCommercial ontratación

In accordance with our firm desire to accompany our Clients in their day to day in those needs they need, our commercial department offers a wide and individualized advisory service in national and international contractual matters, whether writing, reviewing or simply advising the best alternatives contractual to the specific assumptions that we raise.

In this sense, our intervention in negotiation processes, preparation, supervision and analysis of all types of commercial contracts is common, whether they are business contracts (buying and selling of companies, refinancing, Joint Ventures, etc.), financial contracts (such as ordinary loans, syndicated and / or participative, leasings, factorings, rentings, ...) or other habitual contracts in commercial traffic (agency, distribution, supply, franchise, mercantile deposit, transport, insurance, ...).

Commercial Lawyer Barcelona specialist in rcorporate restructuring

En DiG Lawyers We offer meticulous and strategic advice regarding structural modifications of mercantile companies (merger, split, segregation, exchange of securities, purchase of companies, non-monetary contributions, global assignment of assets and liabilities).

Our experience and professionalism allows us to provide the client with a service adapted to their needs, which ranges from the previous planning of the corporate restructuring operation to the execution of the same.

We provide advice from a multidisciplinary approach by having teams composed of experts in the legal, labor, tax and accounting areas. In this way, we achieve a broad vision of the operation that allows us to provide the customer with efficient and personalized solutions.

Barcelona Business Law Specialist in Law Bankruptcy

For our part, our team of professionals and our experience in bankruptcy planning allows us to provide those clients who need it with comprehensive advice and coordination in all legal, fiscal and labor aspects during any phase of the bankruptcy proceeding, whether it is the previous phase of negotiation or in its case pre-insolvency phase, as subsequently in bankruptcy

The scope of our advice encompasses both legal entities and individuals and both from the perspective of being our client who submits a contest or pre-contest, as the creditor who is affected by the insolvency of another entity.

Likewise, our lawyers provide advice and defense to administrators, managers and attorneys-in-fact of companies regarding their potential commercial, labor, fiscal and criminal responsibilities in cases of company insolvency.

Commercial Lawyer Barcelona specialist in litigation and arbitration

Our professional practice and philosophy as a Dispatch always makes us seek a prior preventive advice from the client in order to avoid possible legal conflicts and, even, to exhaust all possible means of negotiation with the adverse party before going to the courts, but always watching for the interests of the client and going to the instances of the judicial organs when it becomes necessary.

We apply this philosophy also in possible legal disputes at the commercial and corporate level, either in internal conflicts between partners, linked to the actions of administrators or companies with their clients or diverse suppliers, defending the interests of our Represented both before the Courts of Justice and before Courts or Courts of Arbitration.

Our scope of action covers all types of economic claims, breach of contract, challenges to corporate agreements or actions for derivation of liability of administrators, including the scope of possible liability derivations in defense of the directors for actions of the Tax Agency or the Social Security.

Head of the Commercial Department:

commercial lawyer barcelonaMr. Marcos Jiménez de Parga


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