Data Protection Lawyer

As Lawyers we have been advising companies for many years, little by little we have been specializing in those matters they need in their day to day. With the rise of the Internet and information technologies, lGovernments are increasingly concerned about the privacy of people, which is why they continuously legislate laws, regulations and increasingly restrictive measures to protect our sensitive data, which is why we have specialists in this area to give maximum coverage to all our customers.

The Department of Information Technology, Intellectual Property and Entertainment of DiG Abogados has outstanding qualified lawyers and extensive experience in these matters.

Intellectual property

  • Intellectual Property Registries - Safe Creative.
  • Copyright, publisher, producer, artists, software and database manufacturers.
  • Protection and defense of works: audiovisual and phonographic recordings, computer programs, computer applications.
  • Planning of general and specific strategies to ensure and protect existing intellectual property rights over software products and databases.


  • Audiovisual recruitment (actors, scriptwriters, direction, audiovisual production, executive, etc.).
  • Acquisitions of rights.
  • National and International Productions and Co-productions.
  • Image rights, protection of honor and privacy.
  • Obtaining licenses.
  • Contents, self-regulation.
  • Registration of television formats.
  • Advertising, Merchandising and Sponsorship. Product Placement and Branded Content.
  • Preparation of promotions, competitions and raffles bases, as well as the authorizations and administrative procedures necessary for its celebration.


Responsible for the Department of Data Protection and New Technologies

Mr. José Manuel Rodríguez

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