The 5 Law of October of 2015 that partially reforms the norm by which the civil judicial procedures are governed, that forces to all the professionals of the justice from 1 of January of 2016 and to the other legal persons from 1 of January of 2017 to use electronic and telematic means in all its communications with the administration of justice, has meant the culmination in the implantation and use of these means that already began a few years ago with the possibility that they were used as means of proof in judicial proceedings the reproduction of words, images and sounds captured by means of filming, recording and other similar instruments. We are referring to the videos and messages sent by email, by SMS or those currently used as WhatsApp.

It is clear that such evidence, especially in what refers to written messages, there are conveniently check them and put them in relation to other evidence put forward in the proceedings

But in any case we can say that the Administration of Justice has taken an important step in its modernization and use of new communication technology.

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Francesc Fortuny

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