Services DiG lawyers

These are the main services we offer in our office:
  • Business law

    Company law. Commercial contracts. Fusions and acquisitions. Corporate restructuring. Shareholder agreements. Family protocol.

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  • Tax and accounting law

    Groups of companies and consolidation. VAT & Excise. Mergers and demergers. Inspections before the Tax Agency. Transfer pricing. General taxation.

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  • civil, criminal and procedural law

    civil and commercial litigation. national and international arbitration. Other alternative methods of dispute resolution (ADR).

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  • Labor law

    Advice. Claims. Preparation of Payrolls and Social Security

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  • Specific advice for investors

    Advice on acquisition and investment in private equity firms. Advice on buying and selling of companies. Valuation of Companies and Business. Investment analysis

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  • Outsourcing

    Financial management. Process management. Treasury. Administrative processes. Human Resources. Taxes. Legal advice. Reports to Investors Support Directorate.

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Latest Blog Posts

Holidays and work calendar: We resolve doubts

When this time of year arrives, it is common to see increased consultations on vacations, their fixation, duration and enjoyment. In this article we will address the basic issues in this area and the main problems with which we find ourselves. First, we must bear in mind that art. 40.2 of the Spanish Constitution [...]

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Tips for non-residents in Spain who inherit

It is very common for people not resident in Spain to inherit some property located in the Iberian Peninsula. The most usual case would be a descendant of an elderly person who, years before his death, would have bought an apartment or house on the Spanish coast to use as a second residence or as an investment. [...]

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LAW Code: The new legal entity identifier

Starting January 2018, all companies (legal entities) operating in financial markets will need to obtain a code identifier of 20 alphanumeric fields that will identify them globally. This code identifier, called LEI code, must be obtained by all legal entities that operate in the following products: Fixed Income, Equities, [...]

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