Uninhabitable days 2016: On Saturday 1 October 2016, published a Resolution of the Ministry of Finance and Public Administration, in which the government has finally agreed to contemplate a claim made by the advisers for many years consistent with ending the senseless that Saturdays were considered business days for the purpose of calculating tax periods, when the tax administration itself has closed its dependencies.

In this sense, for the year 2016 are considered 2016 non-working days, every Saturday from the 1 day in October to the 31 in December, both inclusive.

As this measure has been adopted modifying the 2016 calendar of non-working days, it takes effect from the moment of the declaration of unskillful, and therefore applies to the computation of all maturities, including those brought as a cause notices received prior its entry into force.

Having taken this step, it would be desirable that in drawing up the calendar of non-working days for 2017 be taken into account August.

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Albert Pujol

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