El digital certificate It is the key to submit any communication with Hacienda from the first minute of life of a society.

Currently all commercial entities receive notices and communications from the Tax Office by electronic means in an electronic address Outfitted for all Central Government and the Tax Agency website itself.

From the moment of the constitution of a Company, there is an obligation to download all the notifications and administrative communications of the Tax Agency electronically through the digital certificate.

This obligation extends to all corporations, from the time of registration in the commercial register, upon incorporation.

A few years ago, the Tax Agency communicated to the entity the moment from which it was applicable this system (NEO) Mandatory Electronic Notifications. But now this communication no longer occurs. Since, from the beginning, the entity is obliged to receive all notifications and administrative communications by telematic means.

In order to receive notifications and administrative communications over the Internet, it is essential to have the digital certificate.

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