Today, the court fee Catalan will be exempt from physical persons and small businesses. Its amount varies between the 60 and the 120 euros

Today comes into force the Order of the 'Departament de Justícia de la Generalitat' which establishes the procedure and deadlines for the self-liquidation of the court fee Catalan in demands and resources subject and not exempt.

Rate amounts ranging from 60 euros of the payment procedure until the 120 euros in proceedings at second or higher instance.

Payment must be made in the lawsuits, 30 days after notification of their admissibility and on the resources, the same day of submission. Still has the bonus of 25% for claims submitted electronically.

Are exempt individuals and legal which in turn are exempt from paying IAE or corporate income tax.

The judicial fee will not be applied in ordinary lawsuits as a result of prior monitoring, in the execution of judicial titles, in contests (except in incidents), in the filing of a counterclaim, and in appeals ( except those about the main procedure). Likewise, conciliations, precautionary measures and preliminary proceedings are not subject to payment.

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