You can claim the amounts charged more by the IRPH boxes and get your money back with interest:

All mortgage loans have a variable rate benchmark, that is, a value based on which the interest rate is calculated in each review.

Also in the mortgage deeds substitute indices are set, ie, if the main index is not published, the replacement shall apply.

The IRPH index is an index such as Euribor, which is used as a reference for loans at variable interest. Who mostly used the IRPH were savings banks, which used the so-called IRPH de Cajas but the savings disappear, also disappeared IRPH de Cajas.

It could be the case that a mortgage indexed to IRPH boxes as a substitute another index had also disappeared and so had been that mortgage to a fixed rate because they have no benchmark.

In some cases, banks have contacted customers to look to reach agreements and modify mortgages indexed to IRPH but in other cases in which nothing has been done, it is the customer who must take the initiative.

Some court rulings have forced cancel fees indexed to IRPH and recalculated based on the Euribor

Assuming that's the case, it must apply in writing to the bank, he must provide all documentation mortgage that is available and if the financial institution does not accept the request will be this who should initiate the procedure court claim.