El providing immediate information (Acronym SII) is the electronic delivery of billing records, members of the ledgers of VAT through the Electronic Office of the Tax Agency, which will cause almost settings in real time from different Record Books .

Entry into force of the obligation

The mandatory application of this system will boot from July 1 2017. However, for the first half of 2017 information it should be submitted from July to 1 31 2017 December.

Who is liable?

  • Taxpayers who are currently required to self-assess VAT monthly (registered in the REDEME)
  • Large companies (more than 6.010.121,04 euros turnover)
  • Passive subjects covered by the special regime of the group of VAT entities.

It also applies to taxpayers who voluntarily choose to avail themselves (choosing the model 036 November last year in which will take effect). However, for the year 2017 the option may be exercised in June 2017.

Supply information subject to immediate information SII

They should contact the following books Check with your pertinent information:

providing immediate information

  • Community transactions Record Book
  • Book Registration Information Investment Property

Submitting this information will be made electronically, particularly through Web services based on the exchange of XML messages.

The structure of this shipment will have a common header information with each book record holder and exercise information and period in which these transactions are recorded. In this header it will accompany a block with the content of invoices.

El providing immediate information It will be conducted in accordance with the record fields approved by the Ministry of Finance and Public Administration through the corresponding Ministerial Order (not yet published yet as of today).

Deadlines for submission of information

  • invoices issued

Within four calendar days following the receipt of the invoice.

Exception: invoices issued by the recipient or by a third party, in which case this period is eight calendar days.

In any case, providing immediate information must be made before 16 day of the month following that in which it had occurred to accrue to the operation to register tax.

  • invoices received

Within four calendar days from the date the invoice accounting records occur and in any event before 16 day of the month following the settlement period in which they are included the underlying transactions.

In the case of import operations, the four calendar days shall be computed from the accounting records of the document attesting the fee settled by customs and in any case before 16 day of the month following the end of the period occurs to which the statement relates have been included.

  • Community transactions

Within four calendar days from the start time of the dispatch or transport, or where appropriate, from the time of receipt of the goods to which they relate.

  • Information on investment property

Submission within the last year settlement period (until January 30).

(*) In calculating the period of four or eight calendar days referred to in the preceding paragraphs, they exclude Saturdays, Sundays and national holidays declared.

(**) Exceptionally during the second half of 2017 the deadline for submission of information is extended to eight days (instead of four).

Reduction formal obligations

The obligation to submit informative declarations is deleted Models: 347, 349 and 390.

For more information, you can download the dossier of the Tax Agency with frequently asked questions about providing immediate information.

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