Transactions abroad are:

  1. The proprietary trading with non-residents, are for the concept to be and no matter how settled.
  2. Balances and changes in foreign assets and liabilities.

If you are a Spanish resident (natural or legal person, both public and private) and have carried out in the year 2014, foreign transactions that is to say: operations of collections, payments and / or external transfers, as well as variations in foreign accounts, have the legal obligation to present, before the Bank of Spain, ETE form (Declaration of economic transactions and balances of financial assets and liabilities abroad). For the processing and presentation of this model (ETE) it is essential to have the corresponding personal digital certificate, issued by the Currency and Stamp Factory.

Depending on the volume of foreign transactions during the previous year and the balance of assets and liabilities at December 31; that statement must be submitted monthly, quarterly or annual basis (if the amounts of transactions or balances December 31 100 are lower than million).

In the event that there is an obligation to present the annual declaration of foreign transactions (which may be summarized or normal), you must present it between the 1 and 20 of January.

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