The news of the annual Declaration of operations with third parties (model 347), brings us the following question: Should I include the rents in the 347 model?

Some novelties introduced in the model 347:

1. The information is displayed on a quarterly breakdown, except in the following cases, for which the annual amount shall be inserted:

  • Amounts received in cash, which will continue to provide on an annual basis
  • Operations welcomed the special regime for VAT cash basis and entities to which application is the 49 / 1960 Act of July 21 on the horizontal property

2. The entities that may apply the 49 / 1960 Act of 21 July on horizontal property, must report purchases in general of goods or services made outside the business or professional activities, even if they carry out activities of this nature.

3 2014 has modified the design of the 180 model (Annual summary of withholdings and income on account on yields from the lease or sublease of urban buildings), to include in it the information corresponding to the cadastral references and the data necessary for the location of leased urban buildings.

For this reason, both the lessor and the tenant to declare, in this model 347, urban real estate leases that are business premises and are subject to withholding.

On the contrary, they must be declared the rents in the 347 model that are not subject to retention.

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