According to several experiments published in the journal Scientific American, by psychologists Daniel M. Wegner y Adrian F. Ward our brains systematically believe that any information, news, research, article, posted on the Internet ... is true and that creates a false sense of knowing everything, also called 'the Google effect or smartass effect'.

And is that access to such a volume of information can turn against us and make us make wrong decisions at key moments.

«Put a lawyer in your life»

This is a phrase we have heard many times in forums of entrepreneurs and, although common sense tells us it is true, you never understand the meaning so well until you try to start a business.

And, even if it hurts the pocket, the figure of a consultant when starting a business is essential. Especially when we face on his land to real opponents: partners, investors, bankers, managers, employees, vendors and others ... We need to do our part to someone who has a different view, that is not so involved in the problem as us and to be able to see beyond our haste, our enthusiasm and our.

"But you know the old devil, that the devil"

There is a profession, that of Lawyer, which still carries many vices of the past, but tries to adapt to a new reality. And in its attempt to mutate, its knowledge added to its experience, remains superior to all the information we find on the Internet.

It is therefore important the value they bring those who studied in an era where people went by public transport facing each other, rather than having a fixed view 5 inch screen.

The advice, the pause and above all the meticulousness of a lawyer, at the time when our patience is equal to the download speed of our 'smartphone', we can avoid making many mistakes.

A figure that gives us objective view on: the establishment of a company, register a trademark, hire staff, rent space, paying taxes, dismissal, a fine, buying a home or car, a bank clauses a divorce, asset management, a will, etc ...

Situations of any business or private nature, on which we must make decisions and / or sign contracts with a lot of small print, which can mark our future for many years.

So while we suffer "the Google effect" that will save us money safe and future problems if we have the Council 'offline' our advisor.