The past 1 of April of 2018, came into force the Ministerial Order ESS / 214 / 2018, March 1, which establishes the obligation of workers autonomous to join the Electronic Data Remission System (RED System) to carry out its procedures with the General Treasury of the Social Security (TGSS), as well as for the reception and signature of the notifications issued by the TGSS.

This order set an adaptation period of six months from its entry into force, thus becoming effective as of the next 1 October day of 2018 for all those workers autonomous that on that date they are registered in the affected regimes (these are self-employed workers, workers of the Special System of Agrarian Workers, and workers of group I of the Special Scheme of Sea Workers).

Ways to access these steps:

To fulfill these new obligations, self-employed workers can choose to manage their procedures through two different channels:

  • RED System, through which an authorized RED will act on behalf of the self-employed worker.
  • Electronic Social Security Headquarters (SEDESS), through which the self-employed worker can directly carry out their procedures with the TGSS, as well as receive their notifications and sign them.

To access the SEDESS services, the self-employed will need an authentication system that guarantees their identity; in this way, you can use as an authentication system: the Electronic Certificate (admitted by the SS), the Electronic ID or the Cl @ ve system.

Specific procedures to be carried out:

Completion of procedures

Regarding the procedures that the self-employed worker must carry out, the SEDESS offers services related to the affiliation and contribution to the SS, as well as registrations and cancellations in the RETA Regime, changes in the contribution bases, activity modifications, modification and variation of data, requests for reports and certificates, as well as other queries concerning the situation of the self-employed worker.

Reception and signing of notifications

On the other hand, we must bear in mind that another of the functions of the SEDESS is the telematic notification of the acts that the TGSS issues to the self-employed workers. In this way, the communications issued by the TGSS will be notified to the self-employed through the Telematic Notification Service of the SEDESS, among which are initially:

  • The acts related to the collection procedure: as well as claims of debts and orders of urgency; acts of the procedure of constraint by quotas, concepts of joint collection and other resources, with the surcharges of corresponding interests; acts of the administrative procedure of postponement of payment of debts with the SS, and acts of the procedure of refund of undue income to the SS.
  • The acts related to the proceedings on moratoriums and deferrals.
  • The resolutions of the TGSS on liquidation minutes, imposition of sanctions and challenges.

To consider

The TGSS will send an email to the address that the self-employed worker has provided notifying of the issue in the SEDESS of a telematic notification. In case the autonomous worker have an authorized RED, this will also be sent a notice being empowered, like the self-employed, to access and sign the electronic notification.

The notification will be made available to the interested party, for him to access it, for a maximum period of 10 days. Once said period has elapsed without the worker having agreed to the notification, it shall be deemed completed.

About the Author:

Paula Puigmal

Labor Department