Currently all companies must Digital Certificate request Legal Entity to operate electronically with public entities, as well as to issue electronic invoices among many other procedures.

Know that from Monday June 6 2016, according to the aviso National Mint and Timbre, entity issuing such certificates, adapts the European Regulations Electronic Identification (eIDAS), ceasing to exist the Digital Certificate of Legal Person, replaced by the Certificate of Legal Person Representative.

Current Legal Person certificates issued until June 6 2016, shall be valid until expiration, can not be renewed and must proceed at that time the processing of the new Digital Certificate Representative of Legal Person.

El processing system to Digital Certificate requestIt is modified under the current system, distinguishing whether the company by a sole director or Solidario, two Directors or Board of Directors Mancomunados is administered.

In case you need the Certificate of Representative Sole Administrator or Solidarity must be processed electronically through the website of the Fábrica Nacional de Moneda y Timbre, having previously have the Digital Certificate of Physical Person Manager want to process it or using certificate incorporated into the electronic ID.

This is the link to request the digital certificate for companies, either in downloadable software or card version.

Fabrica Nacional de Moneda y Timbre consult electronically to Companies House the truth of the charge and payment of 24 euros (plus VAT) must be in management consulting the Register.

Note that if you already have the Digital Certificate of Physical Person, issued by the National Factory of Currency and Stamp, this will only be valid for the issuance of the Certificate of Representative for Sole or Solitary Administrator if it has not been renewed at any time, otherwise, must be requested again the Certificate of Physical Person to later transact the one of Representative of Sole Administrator or Solitaire.

In case you need the Representative Certificate of Legal Person (for Joint Administrators / Board of Directors) the procedure should be initiated by requesting a code on the website of the National Currency and Stamp Factory and a certificate to the Mercantile Registry, afterwards joining the Joint Administrators (or President or Secretary, in cases of Board of Directors). Administration) before the Tax Agency (prior request for prior appointment) to verify the information and then, after 24 hours, make the download of the Digital Certificate must pay the amount of 14 euros (plus VAT) for the procedure.

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