In addition to the periodic tax returns, in relation to VAT and income tax withholdings, there are certain Fiscal obligations and options to change the tax regime that, should they wish to apply, must be communicated during the month of December.

In terms of Fiscal obligations, the most important to take into account is to present the third Fractioned Payment of Corporation Tax corresponding to the 2015 exercise. The deadline ends on this month's 21 day, along with the other periodic statements.

Are obliged to submit the entities that are considered large enterprise as well as those not being so, when calculating the amount according to the method chosen out an outcome to enter, and shall not submit all companies that not being big business, get the calculating a negative result.

At the same time it should be taken into consideration that for taxpayers whose turnover rise the 20 million euros, payment must be attached Fractionated an annex additional data communication.

Regarding options or waiver regime to be communicated during the month of December, we summarize below the most important to consider:

  • Option or waiver special arrangements for cash basis VAT for the 2016.
  • Renounces the objective assessment scheme and simplified direct estimate for the 2016.
  • Or waiver option for taxation at destination in the case of distance sales to other countries of the European Union for the 2016.
  • Option or surrender the special scheme for travel agents 2016.
  • Communication of application of the Special Regime of Entities dedicated to the Leasing of Houses in the Corporation Tax for the 2015.

On the other hand, in this last month of the year it may be convenient to review some aspects of Corporate Tax or Personal Income Tax, which will help you better prepare your tax for the 2015 year.

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