The specialist lawyer in Criminal law, Narcís Trenado, offers a series of tips, in case you have to undergo a Breathalyzer test. It also explains the possible repercussions, if it has been positive in the test:

The first and fundamental advice is to NEVER drive if you have drunk alcohol, even if it is of little graduation.

But if so, you should never refuse to take the breathalyzer test Required by the authority, or try to gain time with various excuses before the police, or face, because it serves nothing at all (neither avoids subidon, bajon, or anything ...) and can only make the police angry and Incur a second offense, refusal to undergo a blood alcohol test, so that the prosecutor will still be less benevolent with you.

About rumorology:

Pretending asthma, coffee beans, exercise, changing drivers ... before an imminent Breathalyzer test, Nothing works and the agents of authority know it perfectly, it is better to accept the consequences of our actions, not to cause later problems.

If you have tested positive for BAC, it is highly recommended to look for a good lawyer with experience in BAC, who can appeal and defend your real interests. Especially in those cases, where the driver's license is a fundamental tool to work and we have given a level above 0'60 in the Breathalyzer test.

Breathalytic rates (for novice drivers):

Starting 0'60 in Breathalyzer test We have committed a crime, you will be denounced and you must answer before a judge.

Less than 0'60 in Breathalyzer test And if we have caused an accident, it is at the discretion of the agents of the authority, what is certain is that you must pay the possible damages to third parties that you have caused, since the insurance is discounted in cases of positive in control of the alcohol and also You will have to pay a penalty (fine).

Attention! The costs to urban furniture have a high cost.

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