The 303 model that is and when it is presented:

Making self-assess VAT (model 303) And the problems that may arise as a result of the transition from the entry into force of the new VAT rates.

The entry into force from 1 / 7 / 2010 new rates of VAT may be applicable for some taxpayers a complication in making self-assess tax because of the possible coexistence of the new tax rates with those prevailing in force until that date.

In this article our intention is to present the resolution of possible contingencies that may arise in the coming VAT self-assessments in connection with the application of special VAT rules, which are detailed in our newsletter last May 2010.

In this sense, the Tax Agency has just sent a Note including a number of considerations in relation to assumptions that may arise regarding the situation described above.

Model 303 Self-assessment of the VAT of the 2º quarter:

This self-assessment can not be recorded bases or quotas to new tax rates 18 8% or%.

Successive chain operations (leasing, ...), with any application of VAT rules will be applicable new tax rates, prior to the date of its entry into force (1 / 7 / 2010).

Example: Lease Month June July 2010 15 2010 payable.

In these cases, the AEAT determines that the accounting document dated June 2010, does not have the consideration of invoice, since it will not be issued until the effective date of payment, and will include the tax rate of 18%. Consequently, this operation will be deemed to be carried out for all purposes (VAT charged as input VAT), at the time when the payment becomes due and, therefore, the tax is accrued.

Model 303 Self-assessment of the VAT of the 3er quarter:

In the self-assessments of VAT corresponding to the periods started since July 2010, the situation may arise that in the same period of liquidation there are taxable transactions according to the new tax rates (18%, 8%) along with others accrued in periods previous and to which they apply the current rates until the 30 of June, as it would be in the cases of modification of the tax base ", by declaration of insolvency of creditor or by judicial claim of the debt.

In these cases it must be recorded in the 01 and 04 boxes the algebraic sum of the tax bases. Similarly we will proceed with the boxes for accrued fees.

As for the boxes on the tax rates model 303The resulting type (with two decimals) the ratio of the share and taxable declared be entered.

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