21 next December 2017 will be held elections to the Parliament of Catalonia. When falling on a working day, atypical situation and that was not produced since the past 15 of June of 1.989 for the elections of representatives in the European Parliament, it is necessary to take into account which are the work permits to vote.

In this sense, and to regulate these permits, the XFUMX / 253 / 2017 Order of 28 of November has been approved and published, which establishes the necessary instructions for the participation of the workers in the elections to the Parliament of Catalonia. December 21 day of 2017, and from which we leave you link for your inquiry:

Next, we will summarize the most important aspects and that, as much company as workers, they must keep in mind to apply correctly the work permits to vote the next election day:

1) Workers are entitled to paid and non-recoverable work leave of a maximum of 4 hours within the working day:

1.1) Permit of up to 2 hours, if the day coincides between 2 and 4 hours with the opening hours of the polling stations (9 to 20 hours).

1.2) Permit of up to 4 hours, if the day coincides in 4 or more hours.

1.3) There is no permission, if the day coincides only in 2 or less hours.

2) For part-time workers, the permit will be reduced proportionally to their working day.

3) The company will be able to determine when the permit will be used. Likewise, it also has the power to ask workers for proof that they have exercised the right to vote during the duration of the permit granted. This receipt will be issued by the corresponding polling station.

4) For workers who are members of the polling station or inspectors, the permit will be for the entire full day and for the 5 first hours of the working day of the immediately following day.

5) For the authorized workers, the permit will be for the entire full day of the voting day.

We hope that this article resolves your possible doubts about the time available to vote, if you have doubts about your holidays and the work calendar at the start of the new year, this link You will find another article where we answer some questions.

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